NF is between the environment and health
We spare no effort to protect our customers' valuable health.



"Natural products, Eco-friendly Products“
All diseases are due to the deficiency of oxygen. - Noguji Hideo

NF is:
- a company that anticipates an improved future
- a company that considers human happiness over profit

People have become more interested in the environment than ever before due to issues such as climate change,
water supply shortages, deforestation, and food crises.

Despite the challenges these represent, we, NF CO., LTD., strive to find a way to coexist and be in harmony with the environment by making nature-friendly products, fulfilling our vision to design an environment-friendly world by creating the value of ‘Saving Lives’.

As the world is now faced with ongoing environmental crises in the form of resource depletion and severe climate change, it is expected that international environmental regulations will be continually strengthened, and that the business sector will play an increasing role in environmental protection and management.

In order to encourage and get ahead of these developments, we continually strive to develop sustainable eco-friendly products, and to make the global public interest one of our top priorities.We will stand by you in helping you continue to achieve your environmentally-friendly life.

Sang-kon Lee, CEO of NF

"Natural products, eco-friendly products“
All diseases come from lack of oxygen. -Noguji Hideo

NF is a company that looks forward to tomorrow more than today, a company that considers human happiness rather than profit

Everyone has the right to lead a healthy and happy life.
However, the complicated social structure and developed civilization Many new diseases are emerging.
To protect human health from these diseases and eradicate the underlying diseases NF secures excellent human resources and the latest equipment We are constantly challenging the development of excellent oxygen using advanced technology.

Based on sincerity and honesty, From corporate organization and corporate culture to customer satisfaction It exists for the great goal of human health.
Contributing to human welfare by protecting health To achieve a rich and healthy life by thinking about what We promise to strive for the corporate value of becoming a company that does our best.

NF's footsteps are with Korea's eco-friendly power generation company.
NF will be with you for your eco-friendly life.

Sang-kon Lee, CEO of NF